LICENSE AGREEMENT - on the terms of use of the software "Shutdown Timer"

ATTENTION! Before using the program, please read the terms of the following license agreement. Any use of the program means your full and unconditional acceptance of its terms.

If you do not accept the terms of the license agreement in full, you may not use the program for any purpose.

1. General Provisions

1.1. This License Agreement (the "License") establishes the terms for using the computer program Shutdown Timer for the Windows operating system (the "Program") and is concluded between any person using the Program ("User") and , which is the rightholder of the exclusive right to the Program ("Rightholder").

1.2. By copying the Program, installing it on your personal device or using the Program in any way, the User expresses his full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of the License.

1.3. Use of the Program is allowed only on the terms of this License. If the User does not accept the terms of the License in full, the User is not entitled to use the Program for any purpose. Use of the Program with violation (failure to fulfill) of any of the terms of the License is prohibited.

1.4. Use of the Program under the terms of this License for personal non-commercial purposes is free of charge. Use of the Program on terms and methods not provided for in this License is possible only on the basis of a separate agreement with the Copyright Holder.

1.5. To this License and all relations related to the use of the Program, the law of the Russian Federation is applicable and any claims or suits arising from this License or the use of the Program must be filed and examined in court at the location of the Rightholder.

2. Rights to the Program

2.1. The exclusive right to the Program belongs to the Copyright Holder.

3. License

3.1. The rightholder gratuitously, under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license, grants the User an ineffable right to use the Program on the territory of countries around the world in the following ways:

3.1.1. To apply the Program for its direct functional purpose, in order to do it copying and installation (playback) on the personal (s) device (s) of the User. The user has the right to install the Program on an unlimited number of personal devices.

3.1.2. Reproduce and distribute the Program in an unchanged form strictly for non-commercial purposes (free of charge).

4. Restrictions

4.1. Except for the use in volumes and in ways expressly provided for in this License or in the laws of the Russian Federation, the User shall not be entitled to modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt and perform other activities with the object code of the Program, for the purpose of extracting the source code of the Program and / or obtaining information on the implementation algorithms used in the Program, create derivative works using the Program, and also (allow to implement) other uses Program, without the written consent of the Copyright Holder.

4.2. The User has no right to reproduce, distribute, disseminate to the public the Program in any form and in any manner not expressly provided for in this License, including jointly with other programs, as part of collections of software products, with the offer of other programs, settings, without the written consent of the Rightholder and other products, regardless of the purpose of such use.

4.3. The program should be used under the name: "Shutdown Timer". The user does not have the right to change the name of the Program, modify and / or delete the copyright documentation (copyright notice) or any other indication to the Copyright Holder or other persons present in the Program, documentation or other materials distributed with the Program.

5. Other conditions and notices

5.1. The User is hereby notified and agrees that the Rightholder, for the purpose of improving the quality of the Products and Services provided to the User, automatically reports anonymous (without reference to the User) information about the site visited, the page viewed and the files being downloaded.

5.2. The User is hereby notified and agrees that when using the Program, the Rightholder in an anonymous mode (without binding to the User) is transferred anonymously (without binding to the User) the following information: the type of the operating system of the User's device, the version and identifier of the Program, statistics of the use of the Program functions, and other technical information.

5.3. All data on the use of the Program transferred in accordance with this License shall be retained and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

5.4. The user is hereby notified that, when using the Program, he voluntarily agrees to view advertising (insert / replace ad units), which is displayed on the page viewed by the user, until the Program is disconnected.

5.5. The user is hereby notified and agrees that by using the Program other advertising formats will be added to the pages viewed by the user, including: ClickUnder ads, coupon offers, offers at the best price of the goods.

5.6 The user is hereby notified that by using the Program he voluntarily agrees to change the start page of his browser.

5.7 The user is hereby notified and agrees that the use of the Program will use the resources of his computers (processor, RAM, hard disk, GPU).

5.8 The user is hereby notified that, when using the Program, he voluntarily agrees to receive browser-based push notifications.

6. Limitation of Liability for the License

6.1. The program is provided on an "as is" basis. The rightholder does not provide any guarantees regarding the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Program, the compliance of the Program with the specific purposes and expectations of the User, and does not provide any other guarantees not expressly indicated in this License.

6.2. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Copyright Holder shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences of any use or inability to use the Program and / or damage caused to the User and / or third parties as a result of any use or non-use of the Program , including because of possible errors or failures in the work of the Program.

7. Updates / new versions of the Program

7.1. The program may from time to time automatically download and install updates that are aimed at improving the Program and may take the form of patches, add-on modules or completely new versions of the Program. The user is hereby notified and agrees with the automatic updating of the Program, including requesting, downloading and installing updates to the User's device without any additional notifications.

7.2. This License applies to all subsequent updates / new versions of any of the Programs and / or all Programs. The installation of an update / new version of the Program means the acceptance by the User of the terms of this License for the corresponding updates / new versions of the Program if the update / installation of the new version of the Program is not accompanied by a different license agreement.

8. Changes to the terms of this License

8.1. This license agreement may be changed unilaterally by the Copyright Holder. Notification of the User about the made changes to the terms of this License is published on the page: The specified changes in the conditions of the license agreement come into force from the date of their publication, unless otherwise specified in the relevant publication.

Date of publication 04/28/2018.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all information that Shutdown Timer (the "Program") can receive about the user while using any of the sites, services, programs.

Use of the Program means the unconditional consent of the user to this Policy and the terms of processing of his personal information specified therein; In case of disagreement with these conditions, the user should refrain from using the program.

Any information received by the Program is impersonal and anonymous, does not contain a binding to the User and does not allow identifying his identity.

1. Personal information of users, which receives and processes "Shutdown Timer"

1.1. Within the framework of this Policy, "personal user information" means:

1.1.1. Personal information that the user provides about himself when registering (creating an account) and / or while using the Program, including personal information of the user.

1.1.2. Device information such as model, operating system version, unique device IDs.

1.1.3. Data about the program providing access to the Internet, including version, settings, additional components.

1.1.4. Data stored (including personal ones) on your user devices using tools such as web browser storage (including HTML5) and data cache used by applications.

1.1.5. Standard data automatically received by the http server when accessing the sites and subsequent actions of the User (host IP address, the type of user's operating system, pages visited by the user, cookies). Information containing the history of visits to sites by the user.

1.1.6. Information obtained as a result of the User's actions on any site.

1.1.7. Other information about the user, the collection and / or provision of which is defined in separate Regulatory Documents.

1.2. "Shutdown Timer" in general does not verify the reliability of personal information provided by users, and does not exercise control over their legal capacity. However, «Shutdown Timer» assumes that the user provides reliable and sufficient personal information on issues, and maintains this information in an up-to-date state. The consequences of providing inaccurate information are defined in the User Agreement "Shutdown Timer" (

2. Objectives of collecting and processing user personal information

2.1. "Shutdown Timer" collects and stores only those personal data that are necessary for the provision of the Program and the provision of services (execution of agreements and contracts with the user).

2.2. The user's personal information "Shutdown Timer" can be used for the following purposes:

2.2.1. Identification of the parties under agreements with Shutdown Timer;

2.2.2. Improve the quality of the program, its ease of use, the development of new functionality and services;

2.2.3. Targeting of advertising materials;

2.2.4. Conducting statistical and other studies based on impersonal data.

3. Conditions for processing the personal information of the user and transferring it to third parties

3.1. "Shutdown Timer" stores personal information of users in accordance with internal regulations.

3.2. "Shutdown Timer" has the right to transfer the user's personal information to third parties in the following cases:

3.2.1. The user expressed his consent to such actions;

3.2.2. The transfer is necessary to provide the service to the user;

3.2.3. Such transfer takes place as part of the sale or other transfer of business (in whole or in part), and all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy in relation to the personal information received by it are transferred to the acquirer;

3.2.4. In order to ensure the possibility of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of Shutdown Timer or third parties in cases where the user violates the User Agreement "Shutdown Timer" (

4. Measures used to protect the personal information of users

"Shutdown Timer" takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the user's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with it.

5. Changing the Privacy Policy. Applicable Law

"Shutdown Timer" has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. When making changes to the current version, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Policy shall come into force from the moment of its placement, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Policy. The current version is always on the page at

Date of publication 04/28/2018.